Ketchikan Empower Birth Pregnancy Class

Are you pregnant and wanting to connect with the baby growing in your womb while connecting with yourself and with other mamas-to-be?

Do you feel being pregnant is a sacred initiation into a new phase of your life?

Pregnancy is such an amazing time of growth and expansion. You’re creating a new life within your body. Many times fears can emerge during pregnancy including those centered around giving birth and/or the transition into motherhood. When you spend time to acknowledge and release these fears it supports a smoother birth and an empowered initiation into your role as a mother.

This class is for those local to Ketchikan, AK who want to tap into the strength and power residing within themselves while building a support network by connecting with other local mamas-to-be.

This class is for you if:

  • You’re pregnant either for the first time or subsequent time.
  • Have any fears or anxiety about pregnancy, birth or life with baby.
  • Want to learn to connect with baby through meditation.
  • Want to connect with other pregnant mamas.
  • View pregnancy as a very sacred time as you embody the Goddess while growing new life within you

During this course we will:

  • Release fears of pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother.
  • Heal yourself in order to help your baby.
  • Learn grounding and meditation techniques.
  • Connect with your Higher Self and your baby.
  • Learn phases of labor so you have an idea of what to expect when birthing.
  • Discuss ways to prepare for postpartum including meal planning, baby wearing, baby proofing, and more.

Each week we will engage in meditation connecting yourself with your body, soul and baby followed by the introduction of a new topic.

I have been sharing these techniques for a few years and got to use them first hand with the birth of my daughter this past May. If you would wish to read my birth story you can check it out here.

My goal for this course is that at the end of our 5 weeks together, you will gain confidence in yourself as a mother, and feel prepared.

This class is for anyone who wants to have a fabulous birth and postpartum no matter if you are having a c-section, or planning to go unmedicated. Everyone can benefit from releasing fears, connecting with your baby, meditating and preparing for postpartum.

Class Outline: Please note the change in dates!

Week 1: Saturday, January 26th- Connecting with your womb and baby.

Week 2: Saturday, February 2nd- Discuss phases of labor and birth plans

Week 3: Saturday, February 9th- Releasing fears

Week 4: Saturday, February 16th- How to prepare for postpartum

Week 5: Saturday, February 23rd- Support and Ceremony

This class runs for 5 weeks starting January 26th 4-5:30pm

Location is at Massage by the Sea located at 344 Front St Suite A, Ketchikan, AK 99901 which is behind the police station.

Cost is $130. There are only 8 spots available so sign up today. A minimum enrollment of 4 participants by January 22nd is required for this class to occur. If the enrollment requirement is not met, the class will be canceled and paid tuition will be refunded.

To sign up for the class click below on “schedule appointment.” After you select your time zone choose the start date of January 26th and follow the prompts to get all signed up for the class :

Schedule Appointment

This is a beautiful gift to give to an expectant mama, I would be happy to assist you with this. If you have any questions please contact me at